FaB Biography - Statement

Women are strong, sensuous, graceful.

I capture their feelings in movement, color and passion.

    I create each sculpture with my heart.

My raw material is emotion, pain and joy, love, impossible dreams and terrible suffering.

My medium is clay. Energy, tenderness, struggle and bliss flow from my hands to model it.

    A pressure of the thumb, the cut of a tool, and the first line appears.

I let water drops fall on the piece. Their journey is smooth, dripping from a shoulder to the hips, rolling down to die at the feet.

The light bounces off the surface, the shadow becomes the curve’s secret.

Round, sharp, deep; little by little the shape emerges. I cast the finished piece in stone or bronze, to give it strength, texture and color.

    Now the story is told, my work is ready to be seen, to be touched.

My sculptures are voluptuous, please caress them.

Their lines are smooth and strong.

Like women they need to be loved.

    They have emotions, listen to them.

They speak of the fight to become who we are, the dream for a world of harmony, the beauty of being alive, of being a woman, a human.

They tell our story.

I sculpt beautiful, voluptuous, fierce women. My raw material is emotion. My medium is clay and I cast the finished piece in bronze, to give it strength, texture and color.

French-American artist, I put femininity into three dimensions, capturing the power, glamor, beauty and vulnerability of the female form in bold yet sensuous bronze. A biochemist by training, an artist by heart, my love for the human body evolved from a molecular level to an emotional one when I decided to pursue my passion as a sculptor. My work has recently evolved to represent some of the powerful and fierce women. Those who could be seen in fashion magazines or in daily life: entrepreneurs, businesswomen, mothers and spouses who need to fit in so many different roles that they forget their own self to become object of desire and admiration.

Raised in the heart of Paris, I was surrounded as a kid by fashion designers like Coco Chanel, Sonia Rykiel or Yves Saint Laurent. I could see a beautiful model walk on the street everyday and she would be just another regular woman. From that time, I love Fashion as an accessory in the beauty on any woman. Couple of years ago, after looking through the page of Vogue magazine I was inspired by some photos to create my “Sassy ladies” series. Fierce in bell-bottom pants, their look is universal. They seem to come from the 70s but I discovered in 2010. They are young and mature enough to know who they are. They are sexy and strong. They are proud and vulnerable. And they  are definitely going somewhere.

Esthetic, tenderness, attitude, translated in colorful, emotional bronzes sculptures has allowed FaB’s artwork to be shown in New York, California, Colorado, France and represented in collections worldwide. Read more...