FaB Biography

My name is Fabienne also known as FaB (Faby) and I am a sculptor. I was born in Paris, France in 1968 from a family of artists.  My parents were interior designers. As a kid, I my mom would write or paint on her spare time. On weekend, she will take me to Parisian museum or to the theatre. I designed my first table by the age of 10, my dad had it fabricated  and I was for sale few weeks later. I was raised with the concept that I could become what
ever I wanted. and on a creative field would be better. My brothers became an architect and a painter. But after high school,  I choose to follow a totally different path and studied to become a molecular biologist.

Moving to the United States in 1996 with my husband and two boys was a huge challenge. I had left behind my job in biotech, my family and I felt lost. But it was a blessing. By then, I had understood I was not interested by molecules but more by people themselves. Few month after moving in, I bought a pack of terracotta and created my first sculpture. It was far from a master piece but  there was so much joy in creating it that I was hooked.

I went back to my root: creativity and to school. I studied sculpture at the Academy of Art University (San Francisco) and with few local Masters and reinvented myself.

Today, sculpture is the way I like to express myself, I share sentiments not scientific facts. I tell dreams, movements, feelings. With sculpture I understood I was interested neither by the human body, nor by the molecules inside a person, but by the body as a way to show emotion. I create sculptures to tell a story, trying to communicate joy or sadness through movement, balance between people, union of bodies. I enjoy being in touch with people’s life, expressing fear or frustration, exaltation or pleasure. People say I am the sculptor of women. I prefer to say that I sculpt their feelings. Women are strong, sensuous, graceful. and through gesture, balance, curves and lines, dark and light, I capture who they are. I also like sharing my work. I like to standing, there, looking at you looking at my sculpture. Your best compliment is your reacting to my piece, smiling at the Moon Spirit, touching the sensuous line of Cherchez la femme. I saw one of you crying when they looked at Healing. I don’t create provocative art. I want beauty and fluidity. But when you are touch by one of my Feeling Women, I now that I made at least a tiny difference in your life. I wont save the world but at least I would have share this instant with you.

Fabienne Bismuth’s artwork in has been displayed all over the Bay Area. Galleries in San Francisco, Palo Alto and San Jose and in France represent her work. Her work was also accepted at the Los Gatos Museum and San Jose Museum of Art. It is represented in several collection worldwide in USA, France, Switzerland, China and Honk Kong.