What is an edition?



My bronzes are produced in a limited edition of 8. Why?


    The bronze casting process is very complicated and time consuming. But once the first mold is created, the same piece can be produced up 200 time. On the other hand, a sculpture is considered a fine art original only if it is produced in a limited number: this number was fixed by art professionals to be 8. When an edition is sold out it is sold out.  Exclusivity contributes to value, especially as the artist's reputation grows. Also, with the purchase of a piece of fine art bronze comes a certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing that the edition size won't be increased. It is common practice to raise the price of each casting in an edition as the edition sells. The theory is that, as the edition sells, the remaining casts become rarer and, thus, more valuable because availability is being diminished.


    I decided to follow those rules, but I also wanted each of you to get something unique. Each bronze in the editions I produce differs by some detail: either color, texture or presentation. I never do the same bronze twice.